Why You Shouldn’t Depend on Google Discover


Google Discover is a content feed, based on a users’ web and Google search activity. It mainly represents a personalized list of content that users are interested in. But since the majority of people search for different things, no website tends to dominate in Google Discover Traffic.

Here, we have put together some of the valid reasons why you should not rely on Google Discover traffic while creating the SEO strategy. SEO services in gurgaon by 36RPM Without further ado, let’s get into it.

A Quick Overview Of Google Discover

Before jumping into the reasons that make Google Discover an unreliable source of traffic, it’s good to know about this tool a bit more. Google Discover is a mobile experience that lets the users explore content they don’t even know they needed. Users can simply keep swiping to keep the fresh feed flowing.

It is a smart tool that understands what you like and how you search to make your experience better. The major objective of Google Discover is to make you come into contact with new but relevant things.

Google Discover Content Guidelines

It’s known to everyone that Google Discover will bring you traffic if your content matches with their guidelines fully. So, before joining Google Discover or adding it to your search engine optimization strategy, it is vital to know each and every guideline to focus on.

  • Make sure you have an entity in Google Knowledge graph or an account on Google My Business. It is mandatory to have entities in the Google Knowledge Graph so that Discover can recognize them and get ensured about your presence. 
  • Focus on high-quality content and a great user experience. Quality is a must both in terms of content and user experience. A website that loads on a mobile connection in 10 seconds or more won’t be featured in Discover. 
  • Be relevant and curate content that truly helps people by responding to their specific information. The more your content matches the users’ intent, the more likely it will be added to this tool. 
  • Use an appealing hi-res image and a great title. The AMP requirements for images state that the smallest side of the featured image should be at least 1.200px. Also, a good title is super helpful in driving the clicks.

Why You Should Not Rely On Google Discover Traffic?

Since you are well-acquainted with this recommendation tool, it’s time to unveil the reasons why marketers shouldn’t depend on it. SEO services in gurgaon by 36RPM focuses on all below.

  1. It is random in nature

The first and foremost reason why you shouldn’t rely much on Google Discover Traffic is its random nature. In general, the feed is personalized and hence is not a consistent source of traffic. 

There are several reasons that make this feed unreliable and inconsistent, including fluctuation in the users’ thought process, core updates, and more. Therefore, marketers can use Google Discover as an additional traffic source and not as the primary one.

2. Experiences collapse On Google Discover

Website quality plays a major role in driving Google Discover traffic and the experience collapses if your website doesn’t fit the Discover guidelines at any moment. There are plenty of things to look out for, such as Ads can’t exceed content, Affiliate relationships must be clearly stated, misleading titles, transparency in relation to author bylines, and publication dates. 

Moreover, when it comes to content, Google Discover has a set of strict terms and conditions. One mistake and your Google Discover traffic will be gone forever.

3. Core Update Can Affect Google Discover Traffic

Google’s core updates not just affect your digital marketing strategy but also impact the Discover traffic. These updates bring changes to the existing content guidelines, making your content unable to crawl to Google Discover’s ranking list.


The key takeaway is that Google Discover traffic is extremely unreliable and hence, you cannot just rely solely on this recommendation tool while preparing the search engine optimization strategy. It’s definitely not something to build a business on. However, it doesn’t mean that you totally avoid this tool and stop using it as a traffic source. It’s just you should be aware of the updates and guidelines to avoid getting kicked out of it. Keep in mind when you look for seo services in gurgaon


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